Welcome To Summer Nights Volleyball

Information: Our mission, at Summer Nights Volleyball, is to provide our community with available, top-notch programs that will encourage mental, physical, and emotional growth and development. We share knowledge and tools to help all members to meet their goals and objectives for the benefit of their futures.
Every day, we are excited to walk onto the court and are thankful to be able to call SoCal our passion, our hobby, our home, and our career. We're always thankful to see your family here, sharing in the adventure.
Dedicating ourselves to this youth volleyball program has been no-less-than exciting! We try to live out our mission every day, by helping to support the youth athletics programs in the cities of Chico Hills, CA and Diamond Bar, CA with our youth volleyball lessons and building new relationships with many of the city leaders and local schools. We are also active daily with college recruiting, and each of our soon-to-be seniors is on their way to college. Whether an individual decides to play for the adult volleyball programs in college or not, they're still going to college, and that's what is truly important.
Very few people have the daily opportunity to work with kids like yours. They are thirsty for knowledge and are hard-working. Some are taller, some have more athletic ability than do others, and some are stronger, but every one of them shares a passion for being part of a community. When they walk onto the court, the playing field is even and all of them are equally important. Everyone here is family. Learn More

Service Areas:

  • Chino Hills
  • Diamond Bar
  • Riverside
  • Ontario
  • Eastvale